ZR coaches understand the importance of strong interpersonal relationships between a coach and athlete.            


Hallie Truswell

Owner of Zūm Racing, Triathlon & Run Coach

Hallie’s spent over 25 years as a coach, swimmer and triathlete at some of the highest levels of the sport. Her objective with Zūm Racing is to take those years of experience and passion for endurance racing and use it to work closely with athletes completing their first endurance race to those pursuing world-class levels of performance—helping them all perform at levels they may not have thought possible. Constantly seeking out the latest training methodologies, Hallie is both a USAT Level II Endurance certified triathlon coach, as well as an RRCA certified run coach. She’s also co-author of an article published in Current Sports Medicine Reports, a publication of the American College of Sports Medicine. Hallie’s athletes have qualified for and participated in: the Ironman World Championships and 70.3 World Championships, Age Group World and National Championships, the NYC Marathon, the Boston Marathon, and 50 to 100-mile ultramarathons, amongst many other races.

Coming from a lifetime of sport, I know the impact a coach can have on self belief to achieve great things.
— Hallie Truswell


Alycia Hill

Triathlon Coach

Alycia started her triathlon career pretty humbly: just another kid watching and cheering on her Dad as he’d compete. But, after a while, that wasn’t enough—so she decided to join him. And she’s never looked back. Fast forward to today and Alycia’s incredible passion and skill in the sport means she’s been lucky enough to travel around the world representing the USA in triathlon. She even competed with her dad in the AG World Championships from 2008-2015. Her racing efforts right now are focused on competing professionally in the 70.3 distance. Not bad for what started out as a hobby shared between daughter and dad. But lest you think Alycia’s a one-trick pony, she’s also currently in graduate school at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City; pursuing a Doctorate Nurse Practitioner Degree (and a little high-altitude training—no tent in the living room required). With this incredibly busy schedule, you’re right to think Alycia understands the challenges of combining training and racing with family, work, and the everyday stressors of a real life. It’s part of what makes her a great coach. She’s worked with swimmers, runners, and triathletes over the past 5 years—watching and enjoying their progression and improvement lead to the realization of big goals: “I love being able to share my knowledge and experience to help athletes make the leap from simply doing, to actually becoming.”

Never give up, always find the silver lining, and always have fun!
— Alycia Hill

Allison and Struth.jpeg

Allison Moore

Ultrarunning and Strength Coach

Allison comes to Zūm with a stellar resume. She’s been at the top of her game as a competitive age group and master swimmer, climbed atop the podium in the ultra-running world, and has earned 3 (and counting) CMS (Candidate for Master of Sport) ranks in the burgeoning world of Kettlebell Sport. Allison knows the ups and downs of sport having dealt with injury setbacks in her career. She’s been there, done that and uses her knowledge and experience to develop a well-rounded athlete who’s mentally and physically ready to tackle any adventure all the while having fun and staying healthy. Allison has been working with and coaching athletes in both swimming and running for over 10 years and has recently started began coaching athletes in kettlebell sport.

She knows the trail systems in Western Washington inside and out and it’s not uncommon to find her planning out vacations around running opportunities. In addition, she has been in the top three women in such races as Lost Lake 50k (3rd), Capitol Peak 50 mi (3rd), Badger Mountain 100 mi (1st), Umstead 100 mi (2nd), just to name a few. Allison enjoys working with ultra runners of all levels from those interested in giving the trails a try, to those with specific performance goals in mind and finally to those thinking about transitioning from cement to dirt. She enjoys working closely with each athlete and tapping into their unique strengths to help them reach their goals.