Great coaching is a successful blend of both science and art.

Mmm—what’s that ‘special sauce’ in the Zūm Racing sandwich? Simple. We’re constantly seeking out the most current science and training methodologies and combining that with lessons learned over 25 years of competing and coaching. The result is a perfect blend of science-based training mixed with real-world experience. Zūm Racing: with the slow-roasted flavor of common sense and the spicy kick of real science.

I know Hallie’s always behind me 100%. She doesn’t hesitate to kick my butt when I need it or more importantly pull me back when I’m a little over-enthusiastic.
— Alycia Hill, Professional Triathlete

Zum has Values

  • Zūm prioritizes quality of coaching over trying to train large quantities of athletes.
  • Zūm develops strong athletes—with guts, fortitude, and inner confidence in their abilities. 
  • Zūm knows anything is possible when you do the work.

Zum Trains Balance

It’s not simply periodized work that’s needed to become stronger, faster and more powerful. Effective training carefully blends work and rest. Intelligently incorporating rest into training is what allows the athlete to absorb workouts and become stronger; capable of taking on a higher workload during the next build phase. Zūm bases ‘build’ and ‘recover’ weeks on reviews of your Training Peaks Power and HR data, along with plenty of personal communication.

"I love my varied workouts and methodical approach to getting to the start line prepared, healthy and rested. I value getting feedback on my progress and running preparation."
John Doe, Triathlete

Zum Trains Nutrition

“Bonk” is Zūm’s least favorite four-letter word. Most athletes get that food is fuel and junk in equals junk out. But a successful endurance athlete must be particularly mindful of what their body needs. A good nutrition and hydration plan can make or break a workout and, even more importantly, often makes the difference between a successful race and a sub-par performance. Zūm knows nutrition is highly individualized—what’s good for one athlete may not work for another. That’s why we dial-in and design your individual nutrition plan to optimize calories specifically for training, recovery and racing.

"I appreciate and value Hallie’s coaching expertise and awareness in creating training plans that incorporate current findings in exercise physiology, nutrition, and athlete metrics to bringing the athlete to the next level."
Jane Doe, Ultra-marathoner

Zum is Mental

You can bet most athletes at a starting line have done the physical training they need—but what about the mental work? Zūm understands that exceptional athletes take time to learn about and respect the psychological aspect of training. Want the best results of your racing career? Put in the miles, understand your workouts, and learn how to fortify yourself for the psychological peaks and valleys in both training and racing. Let Zūm help you develop a little mental moxie.

"Hallie’s all about the foundation, staying healthy and mentally preparing for the tough workouts and the racing."
John Smith

Zum Trains Zen

Zūm believes in thoughtful training—training that addresses not just your racing, but all aspects of your health. Being competitive means not just simply putting in the work day-to-day, but also being mindful of what your body needs to take on the work load without feeling overwhelmed and fatigued. If a Zūm athlete requires specialized help, we offer access to a phenomenal network of sports and medical professionals; including a sports medicine physician, sports psychologist, physical therapists, a dietician, and ART (Active Release Technique) practitioners and chiropractors; each understanding that training isn’t just something you do, it’s part of who you are. No rote advice, no apathy for your race goals from someone who hasn’t been on a bike since they were eight—just understanding and guided help geared towards getting you back to doing what you love.

"Balancing aging with still having competitive fire is not always easy but having Hallie watch over me carefully, write appropriate workouts and push me when needed, but also rein me in is critical."
Jane Smith, Marathoner