Zūm preaches balance

Our motto: that an athlete is their best when training doesn’t get in the way of life’s other demands. You’re a competitive athlete, but you’re also a parent, a professional, a PTA member, a chauffeur, a dog walker, a spouse, and a million other things that make you great. That’s why we build training systems specifically for you and your life. Our coaches are experts at understanding how to integrate your training and your real-life seamlessly—ensuring you have time to make dinner that isn’t out of a can, while also avoiding the injuries and burnout that can come with overtraining. 



Zūm loves data! That’s why we use Training Peaks online software to monitor your performance several times a week and often daily during critical training phases. We crave HR and power file uploads—it’s how we get our kicks—and it helps us verify you’re on track to laying down some seriously impressive PRs. Our coaches are continually reviewing your files and (perhaps more importantly) communicating with you—making sure that needed adjustments to the training regimen are discussed and understood by both coach and athlete. 


  • Personal training plan designed with you (and your life!) in mind
  • Frequent data monitoring with adjustments as needed
  • Unlimited communication through text, email or phone call with your coach
  • Field testing with defined intensity zones
  • Nutrition guidance for training and racing
  • Mental strategies for training and racing
  • Personal plan of strategy and tactics for racing
  • Post-race analysis

Triathlon Training

You swim, you bike, and then you run—sounds simple, eh? But fitting it all into an already busy life can be more complicated than putting on a wetsuit for the first time. Zūm believes in purposeful training designed to improve your performance—no junk miles (or yards)!  Your workouts need to fit your life. Zūm tames the wild beast of training and makes it work for you and your schedule. The result: a fitter, faster, and happier athlete that still has time for the yard work. (darn it!)

Monthly Pricing: $300

Annual Pre-paid Pricing: $3,300

Session Pricing: $100 per hour 

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Run Training

Zūm doesn’t coach runners like they’re doing just one-third of a race—training for a run is not the same as training for a tri. What is the same? Implementing the most current science-based techniques, providing athletes individual care and attention, and offering years of experienced insight from coaches who know and love endurance running. From 10k speedsters to 100-mile ultramarathoners, Zūm appreciates just how unique each runner and their distance can be.

Monthly Pricing Here: $200

Annual Pre-paid Pricing: $2,200

Session Pricing: $100 per hour 

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