Putting the Pieces Together at the Jack & Jill Marathon

Kyle Richards races smart and prepared achieving a 2:57:47 at the Jack & Jill Marathon, finishing 10th Overall and 2nd in Age-Group. 


  • Breakfast – Clif bar (220), Banana (75), small coffee, Powerbar perform (100) sipped until start with water.
  • Warm up – 10 minutes with 3x:30 strides 20 min before race – Clif gel w/ caffeine (100)

Race Plan

  • Don’t go out too fast…work into race pace first few miles – 6:50-7:00
  • Settle in after that ~6:45
  • Fueling – Clif gel every 4 miles (starting at mile 4) with PB perform every 4 miles (starting at mile 6).  Water at every aid station.
  • If I find someone to run with at my pace stay with them, especially early on – monitor pace/effort closely though. 


I saw there was a 3:05 pace group at the start so my plan was to run with them at least for the first couple miles before settling into race pace – plus I figured I’d have good light in the tunnel running with the big group.  Once we started though the pacers went out way faster than 3:05 so I let them go and did my own thing.  

First 3 miles were -- 6:55, 7:27, 5:50 – off because of no signal in the tunnel but smoothed out was 20:15 (6:45), maybe a little quick, but feeling good.

Settled in nicely after that, clipping off 6:35-6:40 miles.  Had a decent group to run with for the first 10 miles or so, but eventually went ahead and ran solo most of the way in.  

A little past half way is when I started feeling some fatigue in my legs.  My pace stayed consistent though until about mile 20 where I started slowing to 6:45-6:50 pace.  

The last 4 miles were rough once the trail turned flat.  Tried holding pace but could tell I was struggling and form was getting loose -- 7:15, 7:05 miles 25 and 26.   

Overall though, great race especially quickly switching gears from CdA and only 5 weeks of specific marathon training.  

What worked

I nailed my nutrition.  Only issue was running out of Powerbar perform earlier than I wanted.  Most races have better aid stations though so I likely would have been able to grab something there.  

Pacing was right on and splits were very consistent throughout.  Did not look at my HR at all during the race and just ran off splits and perceived effort.  

What to improve on

I think more strength training will help for these longer races.  My legs really started to break down near the end of the race.